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Are you searching for a driving school Green Valley? For an experienced and qualified driving school, why not consider Mirage Driving School?
Mirage Driving School has been operating for over 12 years in the Sydney area and is available for lessons in many suburbs including Guildford. Mirage Driving School is committed to helping their students learn to drive safely and carefully as well as gaining confidence in their own driving skills.  Whilst it is extremely important to know all of the road rules and be able to successfully tackle the technical side of driving, it is very important for a student to gain confidence in themselves and their ability to handle a vehicle on the road in any driving situation.  Mirage Driving School strives to build this confidence in each of their students, whether they are young or mature age students.

We quickly assess your skill level and tailor your driving school Green Valley driving school Granville AND FAIRFIALD driving lessons to address your individual needs. driving confidently and competently in no time.

Our service and approach is second to none. One-on-one tuition from our experienced driving instructors ensure results come fast. We'll have you licensed and driving schoo
l Green Valley the road in no time.



According to the latest Government new rules: Did you know that 1 hour spent with an accredited driving instructor from driving school Greystanes or GULIDFORD will count for 3 hours in the learner driver logbook in NSW? This change allows for a maximum of 10 driving tuition hours to be recorded as 30 hours in the logbook.
MIRAGE Safer Driving School - the safer way to get a driver’s licence, in less time. please call mirage driving school bass hill on 8786 2000

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